Dayle McIntosh Center


Welcome to the Dayle McIntosh Center! The Dayle McIntosh Center is a center in Omaha, Nebraska dedicated to offering a safe place for teens free of drugs and alcohol. In today’s culture, there are so many opportunities for teenagers to engage in drug and alcohol use. All of their friends are doing it, everyone on TV is doing it, and they can talk to other people on the internet who are using drugs and alcohol. We know how easy it is for the disease of addiction to take hold of our young people.

That is why we created the Dayle McIntosh Center, a place for teens to hang out and have fun without drugs or alcohol. We offer classes, study rooms, tutoring, counseling, and social events.

We also offer recovery education and recovery discussion groups for those teens who have already seen how addiction can cripple your life. Our mission is to create a safe space for all teens.

Resources for Recovery and Living a Drug-Free Life
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Alcoholics Anonymous
Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
Tri 21 Center